TouchScribe is backed up by business experts, consultants and IT professionals who understand the dynamics of the health care delivery model with diverse experience in field.

Our workflow consist of three layers;

  1. Medical Transcriptionists: Audios are digitized carefully by transcriptionists and forwarded to the next level. This team brings into use all necessary stuff into use with latest medical transcription applications and reference books.
  2. Quality Control Editors: Experienced hands on work take the quality to highest possible level, fixing all terminology and blanks in case left by preceded level and then not the end, but forwarded to the “third layer”
  3. Proofreaders: A team having vast experience of crafting medical reports, knowledge of all histories, formats, guidelines from client. Using their expertise, take the quality to 99.9% accuracy and leaves nothing for client’s editing.

Support System: This team makes no delays and promptly deliver reports as soon as received from above teams and submit them well before due TAT. This team is also responsible to archive data and retrieve data back as per client’s demands.